Virtual and In-Person Workshops

Build compelling leadership communication skills among staff at all levels.

We work with you to create customized training that helps your people speak with confidence and authenticity in meetings, pitches, and presentations.

We help your people

  • Clarify messaging so that it enhances your brand and reputation
  • Develop and deliver compelling pitches and presentations
  • Build relationships of trust with key stakeholders
  • Confidently lead meetings, webinars, or conference calls
  • Speak with poise on camera or to the media
  • Confidently answer questions in front of an audience
  • Go from a Zoom room to the main stage

“Rebecca is a phenomenal story coach. Her in-person training helped our 50 person team rethink how to show up and what it means to be an excellent communicator. She makes work feel like play. Highly recommend!” —Rachel Hermansader, XDA Creative

In-Person Leadership Academies


Grow your company by investing in emerging talent.

We work with you to develop a one or two day intensive training program around your company’s speaking needs. Work with us to customize your workshop or team building event to bring value and growth to these groups:

  • Women Leaders
  • Sales Professionals
  • Senior Executives
  • Emerging Leaders/Talent
  • Young Professionals

“Rebecca is a great coach, and the exercises and breakout rooms helped us learn and implement fast.” — Leadership Communication Skills Workshop attendee

“WOW, that was the best online workshop I’ve been part of.” — Women and Leadership Communication Skills workshop attendee

“Rebecca broke down the elevator pitch into specific components to make it simple and logical, and kept the process engaging and enjoyable. We walked away with a fantastic pitch! Highly recommend.” — Elevator Pitch workshop attendee