Janice’s Story

From 2015 to 2019, I interviewed my mom, Janice Laverne Haby Williams, to capture her life story.

We were able to unearth gems from her childhood up until the time I was born.

I hope these stories give you a better picture of Janice’s amazing life and the choices she made. I also hope they help you have a better understanding of your family’s unique story.




Early Haby Family Memories and Alma’s Death


The End of Haby’s Place, the Future of the Haby Girls, and Janice Has an Affair with the Mayor


Janice Goes to UT, her First Husband Art, San Francisco in the Late 60s, and Her First Daughter Jennifer


What It Was Like Living with Janis Joplin at UT in the Sixties


Janice’s “Big Lie”, A Snapshot of Art and his Family, Her Weekend with Carmen Dragon


Janice meets Paul, Jennifer as a Baby, Living Toronto as a Family


The Kennedy Assassination


Life in Frankfurt, Germany, Jennifer the Multilingual Child, Moving to Milwaukee


Rebecca is Born, Janice Becomes the Breadwinner, and Paul Becomes the House Husband