We help movers and shakers, over-achievers, and groundbreakers communicate their ideas so people listen.

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“Before working with Rebecca, I was confused about how to communicate my value. Now I have the exact language I need to express my life’s work in a concise, focused, and powerful way.” —Nathalie B.

Communication is a learnable skill.

Communication is
a learnable skill.

We train leaders with the most important ingredient to professional success—the ability to communicate well.

Presentation Bootcamps

Get grounded in technique and receive on-the-spot coaching for immediate improvement in your ability to connect with an audience and move them to action.

Story Coaching

Gain confidence in your ability to communicate in high-stakes situations. We’ll help you clarify your message and make an impact by using the power of narrative.

Leadership Communication

Develop the skills and confidence to speak clearly, speak for impact, and craft compelling narratives. Hone your leadership communication skills so you can grow your business or your career.

“I’ve taken training that’s lasted weeks and covered what Rebecca delivered in one hour.” —Andrea S.

Data alone doesn’t tell a story and can’t inspire. Leaders must do this.


of people believe a strong narrative in a presentation is critical for engagement


of employees said their leaders lack the ability to communicate well

more likely to be remembered when data is shared as part of a story

Get the Language of Leadership Desktop Writing Guide

Don’t let weak language patterns get in the way of growing your career or business. Use this writing guide to make sure you’re communicating confidence with every word.

“If you can’t master communication, it’s like winking at a girl in the dark.” —Warren Buffet

Upcoming Workshops

We facilitate engaging and interactive learning experiences that give you the tools you need to present with clarity and confidence. Whether you’re a professional or a business owner, we’ll help you grow your brand and your career.

Presentation Bootcamps

Most people would rather die than give the eulogy—such is the fear of public speaking. But the ability to communicate well is the most important ingredient for professional success. And for most, it takes practice.

Whether you’re already a leader or want to step into a leadership role, we’ll teach you how to connect with your audience, share a clear message, and deliver it with confidence.

We’ll focus on:

. Presentation content and structure
. Dynamic delivery
. Nonverbal communication
. How to use story to elicit emotion
. How to speak human
+ so much more

“The interactive group setting Rebecca facilitated helped us learn from the dissection of real life example pitches and on-the-spot feedback. Great session overall.”
—Foundation Capital workshop participant

Story Coaching

Leadership requires confidence, connection, and a clear message. Whether you’re a seasoned executive, transitioning to a new role, or launching a movement, success requires controlling the narrative. In our Story Coaching sessions, we’ll help you connect the dots between your experience and where you want to go, and we’ll help you put your vision to words.

One part thought partnership, one part communication training, one part therapy, we’ll help you uncover what you really want to say, structure your content, and deliver with power.

Story Coaching can support:

. Executive presence
. Clarifying and voicing your professional leadership brand
. Crafting your elevator pitch
. Putting words to a career or business transition
. Putting words to a movement

“Rebecca helped me think about the message behind my book project in a completely different light.”
—Janine Firpo, author

Leadership Communication Skills

If you’re in a leadership position or want to be, you have to be able to communicate with clarity, confidence, and vision. We have developed a curriculum to help leaders develop the skills and confidence to speak clearly, speak for impact, and craft compelling narratives.

In these 1:1 coaching sessions, you’ll learn how to communicate to inform, persuade, and inspire. With our no-nonsense, yet compassionate coaching, our goal is to help you find more confidence in expressing yourself both in impromptu and rehearsed situations.

 Here’s how we can help:

  • Learn how to organize your thoughts before you speak
  • Learn presentation and talk structures
  • Learn how to speak in a clear, concise, and direct way
  • Learn storytelling skills to be more influential in meetings and presentations

We will design a curriculum to meet your unique goals and needs. Reach out to see how we can help.

“I feel supported, informed, encouraged, and—I can’t believe I’m saying this—far more confident about my ability to deliver kickass presentations that people love to watch.” —T. Y.