We help movers and shakers, over-achievers, and groundbreakers communicate their ideas so people listen.

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“Rebecca is the best communication coach I have ever had. I improved so much working with her on Stanford’s version of a TED talk, and the process was life-changing.” — Stanford GSB student

Empower your team to represent like the CEO.

Empower your team to represent like the CEO.

We train individuals and teams with the most important ingredient to professional success—the ability to communicate well.

Retain Emerging Talent

Develop a pipeline of skilled and capable employees who can step into leadership roles in the future.

Increase Sales and Pitch Effectiveness

Train your team how to tell stories that create memorable connections and set your organization apart from the competition.

Raise Trust in Your Brand

Gain relief knowing your team will professionally and confidently represent the company when engaging with clients.

“Rebecca is a phenomenal story coach. Her in-person training helped our 50 person team rethink how to show up and what it means to be an excellent communicator. She makes work feel like play. Highly recommend!” —Rachel Hermansader, XDA Creative

Data alone doesn’t tell a story and can’t inspire. Leaders must do this.


of people believe a strong narrative in a presentation is critical for engagement


of employees said their leaders lack the ability to communicate well

more likely to be remembered when data is shared as part of a story

Gain Confidence When Presenting



The Confident Presenter - Public Speaking Skills for Founders and Professionals
  • Communicate a clear message
  • Connect with your audience
  • Reduce anxiety on camera

“Rebecca is an amazing coach. Working with her was the main reason I got promoted after trying unsuccessfully four times.” — Netflix manager

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Good communication is never boring.

Rebecca Williams has been helping people communicate for over two decades, in two languages, and in five countries. She serves as a communications and public speaking coach at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and has trained professionals and coached teams at organizations including Google, Meta, and Netflix.

Rebecca is passionate about delivering bespoke learning experiences that help teams and individuals connect, collaborate, and communicate with confidence. Her mission is to help purpose-driven overachievers rise and shine so they can change the world with their ideas.