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Learn how to communicate for connection and impact with our clear, insightful, and entertaining skills training videos. All content is original and taught in a presentation format with narration by Rebecca Williams.
"I've taken training that lasted weeks and covered what Rebecca delivered in one hour." —Andrea Smith

The Brand Story 3-Part Process

Without a clear message, customers struggle to figure out how your product or service can help them—and a confused mind says no. Having a clear brand story allows you to connect with customers and grow your business. So how do you create a brand story customers can see themselves in? In this series of three videos, I’ll teach you the 3-part Brand Story Process I use with my clients so you can find and tell your brand story. "Before this training, I really struggled with distilling all aspects of our product and company into a clear and concise message. Rebecca helped me eliminate the noise, focus on what's essential and unique to us, and put it into words." —Lennie G.


How To Be Great on Video—Advanced Training

In this video, you'll learn advanced skills for how to be GREAT on video so you can connect with your audience and GROW your business. We’ll teach virtual stagecraft techniques that will help you communicate your message without words. We’ll also go more into depth on dynamic delivery by focusing emphasis so you can create videos that hold attention. On the content side of things, we’ll teach you how to communicate a clear message, express emotion, and connect the dots for the viewer. You’ll learn some rules of storytelling so you can use this powerful tool to connect with your audience before you deliver your call to action. In short, we're going to help you be GREAT on video so you can continue to GROW your business.


How to Be Great on Video

Today, using video as a marketing tool is essential. But finding confidence in front of the camera can be challenging. And if you're not nailing it, your business could suffer. In this training, we'll teach you the secret behind videos that connect with audiences. We'll show you how to strengthen your nonverbal communication skills so you're watchable, and you'll also learn how to make content that moves audiences to action. Watch this training, learn how to be GREAT on video, and grow your business.