SALT COPY: Words aren't cheap.

There are few things sexier than words done right. Good copy can evoke emotions, tell stories, and make things sticky. We love words. Words love us.


Past Projects


Audio is a powerful way to create environment at any event, and also to get people to do what you want—a Salt Works favorite! Sample some of our past projects to get a feel for the possibilities. Warning: expletives and raunchy copy ahead!

Passenger aboard Malaise Airways™ non-stop immersive theater flight to the Afterlife. Photo courtesy of Gaby Esensten photography.

Passenger aboard Malaise Airways™ non-stop immersive theater flight to the Afterlife. Photo courtesy of Gaby Esensten photography.

In-Flight Announcements for Dinner and Death immersive dinner theater

Twenty-four souls on an invisible jetliner run by a fictitious airline hurtling its way to the Afterlife. This was the setting for the Malaise Airways™ Dinner and Death immersive dinner theater at Alter Space gallery in spring 2015. These opening announcements were played as passengers got settled on the aircraft and before meal service began. Malaise Airways™ is a performance art group born from Day of the Dead traditions and recent air tragedies that asks its passengers to reflect on life and mortality through a range of in-flight guided entertainment. More info on Malaise Airways™ here.

Save Mos Eisley Cantina! Long Form Video/Voiceover Ad

The Priceless music festival reached out to us to produce their "Party-Within-A-Party" event—a 500+ person party on the last night of the festival. We came up with the theme of "Save Mos Eisley Cantina!", and created a scandal around recent fraudulent 2 star Yolp™ reviews allegedly posted by Mos's rival The Space Bucket on the 7th ring of Yatooni Booska. The party is an attempt to boost Mos's ratings back to 5, and confirm their place as the best cantina in the known galaxy. This long form video ad and voiceover was produced to fluff the patrons in the days up to the event.

The Merinda and Michael Method—Faux Yoga Cult

Merinda and Michael are international ballers of the highest caliber, and they were getting married. So we decided to create a faux yoga cult around their awesomeness and call it The Merinda and Michael Method. We also designed, wrote, and performed a Bollywood-style participatory happening that involved getting their 120 wedding guests to do The Method's branded yoga moves in synchronicity. Listen to the audio here, and definitely follow along with The Method. It could change your life, yo.

Binary Language Lessons for Priceless Festival 2015

"Binary" was the theme for this year's Priceless because the festival was celebrating its tenth year (1–0). We decided to take the theme of binary and turn it into a language complete with recorded language lessons for a complete guerrilla marketing campaign.