Marketing Secrets Day #3: Create a Website that Converts

Did you know you have 3-5 seconds before a visitor to your website decides to go deeper or click away?

If you don't communicate a clear message on your landing page—and fast, they'll scratch their head and go somewhere else before you can say wait.

Your website is often the first thing someone sees/experiences about your business if they're not meeting you in person (For my thoughts on your one-liner, watch this video).

So what are the three things your landing page needs (and nothing else)? Watch this video to find out. This is a Facebook Live video, so don't judge because you think I'm talking to imaginary people. They were there when I recorded it! :-)

People are drawn to CLARITY. And too many of us are trying to explain the %!$@ out of what we do because we feel we need to. It's almost NEVER better to say more. Why? Because...

"The more you say, the less they remember."  

                                                             —François Fenelon

Keeping it simple is an art form. And it's what I help small business owners with everyday. If you think your business could use a communications tune-up, get in touch!

Struggling to define and communicate your brand? Get clear with the Brand Identity Brief free download here.