What’s Not There Matters: Why Building Value is Subtractive

So it made sense when James Freeman stood at the podium and said, “Building value is subtractive. What remains is important.”

Freeman has managed to create a undeniably clear vision of what Blue Bottle is. And more importantly, he’s successfully conveyed that through every aspect of his brand: the clean lines of the logo (no type on signs or cups), the single color, the unfussyness of the brick and mortar spaces and kiosks.

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I Say Potato. You Say Gelato.

Meet Jöne Pan of Jöne's Gelato. She's a badass. And her paleo gelato is badass too—I know because my freezer is full of it!

I spoke to Jöne about how she got started in this fun interview. And she explains how raising venture capital is kind of like dating. Go figure.

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Get offline to grow your biz (right after you watch this video:-)

It's tempting to think that updating our website, writing a blog, or spending time on social media are the best ways to market yourself and get new clients, but that's not true.

They're ONE part of a bigger pie, and great for establishing Know, Like, and Trust, but NOT great for getting clients.

Watch this short video to find out what is. Hint: It's about getting OFFLINE. Hallelujah!

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Why Your Story is Your Biggest Motivator

When was the last time you asked yourself why you're doing what you're doing? I can cram my day with lots of tasks, and on good days I accomplish them all. But if at the end of the day I have lots “done”, and I’m no clearer on why I’ve done it, it creates a certain flavor of angst and confusion.

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